About Goldfields Mall

Goldfields Mall is the heart of Welkom, but its appeal stretches well beyond the city, attracting people from as far afield as Hoopstad, Bultfontein, Kroonstad, Virginia and Hennenman. People gather here to meet, eat and shop. The central piazza of the mall functions as a traditional ‘town square’ with all the associated ambience and interaction.

The design of the 37 721m² mall is characterised by the early mining town settlements historic to the area, with a modern twist. It has ample natural light, providing a wonderful ambience to the mall as well as optimum exposure for the shop fronts. The mall houses major retailers like Checkers, Edgars and Woolworths and is a fashion hotspot with over 30 stores catering to clothing, jewellery, shoes, luggage and accessories.